Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling left out?

Me too. RT 2009 is underway and lots of authors are doing great things for moving their careers forward. They are meeting editors, authors, and agents.

This year I have to forego anything too far from home. Velcro-baby can't go too long without her mommy and there was no way she could go a full week. I am, feeling a little jealous and simply left out.

Two smaller conferences that I am considering going to are Killer Nashville for mystery writers and Moonlight and Magnolias. Both are really close to home, so getting there wouldn't be as much trouble.

Moonlight and Magnolias is Oct 2-4, 2009 in Georgia
Killer Nashville is August 14-16, 2009 in Nashville, TN

Still thinking of what is most important to me and if I should try to go.

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