Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everywhere and nowhere


I keep thinking that I need to blog toay. I need to update all those social sites I belong to and then I think I need to get some writing done. What are you paricipating on? I belong to too many to count. I was on myspace from the beginning and now it's even more cool to twitter or to use facebook, but even though I have the profiles set up I just don't have time to maintain it all and then I spend far too much time trying to decide what is blogworthy in my life.

What does everyone want to read? Would you find it asfunny as I did to see the mundane everyday events in my life? The miracle of my husband helping to clean, but discovering the hard way why I do something differently? M bunny rabbit got loose the other day but who would want to hear about my family chasing it down?

Some of this sharing is about hetting name recognition and keeping our names in the readers memory. I find it kind if fun to go offtopic of writing, but my mind keeps going back to what I should be doing focysing on my career and working on the writing world.

I need to set goals and need to stay focused. Edits are here for Timeswept and due by the end of the month. I want to write something different and unexpected and something new. So my wants are different than my needs but neither will get done if I just think about it or spend my time on social sites. So I am about to retreat into the writing cave for a while. To get some actual work done.

Oh yeah, some good news I need to share is that Sex and the Single Shoe will be released from Ravenous Romance on March 20th! Yay!

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