Wednesday, December 03, 2008

French Kiss is now out!

Well, I have a few moments of quiet this morning. While the baby is sleeping. so I thought I would share the good news. French Kiss is now available over at Phaze. I really loved writing this story and gt to use my experience traveling in Europe and my rusty French again. I hope to continue writing a few more stories in exotic locations, like France, Venice, and Egypt. Paris Bites will be the next story I finish, about a century old vampire and a thief who steals his wallet. But for now, here is a little more about French Kiss:

Sarafina didn't want a serious relationship after catching her fiance in bed with another woman. Ladies Night at an exclusive Parisian nightclub provided just the distraction she needed, where her every fantasy is catered to. She comes home to find her apartment ransacked and someone wants her dead. Caught up in a dangerous game of life and death, she needs her two new lovers for more than protection, but could she submit to two men?

You can read an excerpt or buy it at Phaze books:

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