Saturday, October 04, 2008

Just popping up for air!

Ijust wanted to drop a quick note to say howdy to you all. Also to let you know what's happening in my part of the world.

We are all still eagerly awaiting the new addtion to our family. It's been frustrating and the baby is due within the week, but she doesn't seem to be giving any signs that she wants to get here. This may be my first caesarean if she gets much bigger. I am also beginning to wonder if people are getting disappointed when I still show up. YOu can see the unspoken message in their eyes, "The baby isn't here, yet?" lol.

On the wriitng front, my story Wounded Hearts was accepted into the One Touch, One Glance Anthology and is scheduled to go to publication this Fall. Faith is a wonderful editor and is working hard on the stories now. I have to finish some minor clean up work on mine and the edits should be rolling in October. I figure I will get the email that edits are due when I am in labor. LOL.

I have high hopes to start several more writing projects when I can sit for longer periods at the computer, as well. I have been hearing the voice of a woman who has ran from her western roots, and moved to Vegas. After years, her family has finally managed to find her and bring her home, courtesy of a bounty hunter. You would expect her life to get less exciting at this point, but that is when thigns really heat up with some small town secrets that are threatening to destroy the fragile relationships of her family.

For my family, I want to try to put a few books that were written by family into the computer. My great grandmother had written a book of poetry and died at 103. It doesn't seem like much, but these powems were written over her entire lifetime and talk about World War II, and what it was like to lose her family, her son, and her father. I am thinking it needs a foreward or an itnroduction to help explain the meaning of all the poems. So, I plan on sharing some of the stories that mesmerized us grandkids that she shared with us.

For myself, I also hope to continue to write a new series of financial articles on helping people to get out of debt and budget. I have started another book called cutting up the credit cards. It should be available on the Kindle by the end of the month if I keep my act in gear. lol.

Not that I have the energy, but I have also decided to take on another project. A neighbor has an overflowing aapple tree. So I plan to do some canning this year. Maybe make some apple sauce or apple butter. Either way, I will make sure she has a jar or two to say thanks for giving us the apples. They are small and don't look as pretty as the ones from the store, but they taste fantastic!


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Miranda Heart said...

Looks like you might still be working on that baby. At least by your date on your post on RD. LOL GOod luck. My first was three days late. But, she was also the easiest.

Take a deep breath and relax! PAH!