Monday, October 30, 2006

Naughty Or Nice--The way Christmas should be

It still doesn't feel real. I sent in the contracts and the forms, and I got a reply from Mardi Gras that they have everything they need to get started. So I guess the next step is to get a cover for the book to get things moving.

I am so excited, and kind of afraid one thing could go wrong and to have the release date cancelled or almost as bad--to come after Christmas. Since it is a Chrsitmas story this would be very bad.

In fact things very nearly went wrong already. On the first email I sent, my forms did not get attached to the email I sent. (Merde!) So I resent an email with an apology. It's only a month away when you think about it so it wouldn't take too many things to go wrong to make the story not get published at all.

I plan on getting a more professional website soon and if anyone has any helpful advice please share!!!

I finally tweaked the blurb to be just right and sent it with the forms.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Neither does Jenna Peterson, but naughty girl she is, she set out to prove it to the world. It started with a dare but then she couldn't resist the handsome man beneath the beard and had to give him a little something to remember her by.

When Scott signed up to be the mall Santa Claus, he never dreamed that two naughty girls would be sitting on his lap or that one would capture his heart and then just walk away. Could he convince her that this was more than physical attraction and to trust her heart? Or was she determined to stay on Santa's naughty list?

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