Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hell yeah another wicked Tuesday morning

This is wierd to just ramble on and on and not know where I am going wiht this. I should be working on my current work in progress. A novel that is currently sitting stagnant at 57,000 words. I really want it to be boosted up to 70,000 with the edits but we'll see.

Dragon Heat is about a girl who was raised who has no idea of what her true heritage is. SHe has the blood of dragon in her and her mother was kidnapped so she did not know her true identitiy. If her inner beast in her had ever raised it's wicked head, she always fought it, never releasing him until one day a man stirred her blood. Her inner beast was awake and ready with a hunger that could not be fed with food.

Oh yes, I should be working on the never ending story, should be working on the ever changing plot, but alas, I am quite tired of it. I am having trouble now that I am so close to the end. I really want to go back and change things now. When I shoudl be working on wrapping things up.

Do you think I should make him a less than perfect lover. Because I am thinking of it. I know it's wickedly evil. I think I have a little of that in my cold veins too.

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A. J. Cove said...

Your book sounds interesting. What did you have in mind about making your hero less than perfect. So far, my heroes have only had the flaws of being arrogant. :)